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Citrix partners with HPE to aid employees returning to offices

Citrix Systems and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have partnered to deliver intelligent experiences to businesses undergoing changes in workplace setups and delivery.

The integrated solutions focus on health and wellness for the workplace as employees begin to return to their physical offices.

Leveraging out-of-the-box microapp capabilities within Citrix Workspace released by Citrix earlier this week, HPE will deliver unique workflows within its Intelligent Workplace solution.

The aim of this is to enable employees to quickly and easily complete tasks associated with returning to offices across five key areas. They are as follows:

Employee Wellness focuses on complete health agreements stating no symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arriving at office.

Smart Social Distancing provides access maps and occupancy information for different parts of the building, reserve conference rooms and hot desks.

Workplace Safety confirms that shared spaces in building have been cleaned.

Workplace PPE helps employees locate personal protective equipment and sanitation stations.

In addition, Citrix and HPE will work together to customise engagements that allow for touchless offices, empowering employees to influence IoT connected building systems from their own devices.

They are also working on enabling touchless and smart social distancing through integration with video analytic platforms, allowing employees to manage contactless visitor signup and building entry.

Recently HPE also announced five new return-to-work solutions earlier this week, implemented and managed through HPE Pointnext Technology Services.

These solutions are designed to help customers accelerate their business recovery and reopening plans, control the spread of COVID-19 and enable business continuity.

Citrix Workspace is a unified, secure and intelligent work platform that focuses on employee experience, offering functionality around organising, guiding, and automating activities people need to do their jobs and deliver results.

HPE vice president for IoT and Intelligent Edge Services Saadat Malik says, “COVID-19 has challenged businesses to respond to the crisis quickly and rethink their workforce strategies in real time.”

Malik says, “HPE’s Intelligent Workplace solution is designed to help companies engage and enable employees; attract and retain talent; and ensure safety and security while controlling workplace costs.

“Citrix is one of the partners that HPE is working very closely with to enhance existing solutions with components that are tailor made for COVID-19 response.”

Citrix vice president of product management Steve Wilson says, “HPE has long been at the forefront of delivering solutions that make work smarter.

“In planning to build on the microapp capabilities within Citrix Workspace, they can offer solutions that help employees adapt to the next normal and feel confident and comfortable in returning to offices.”

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