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Cyclone named essential NZ supplier for online learning devices

02 Apr 2020

The Ministry of Education has selected Cyclone as one of a handful of essential business suppliers for devices and technologies used in distance and online learning.

As a result, the company has created an online store where New Zealand parents, students, and teachers can buy devices essential to distance and online learning requirements.

With distance and online learning now critical to keeping education services running during the nationwide lockdown, Cyclone now focuses on providing devices and services needed to maintain these means.

“One-to-one programmes enhance learning opportunities for students by providing access to information anywhere, anytime,” Cyclone states.

Cyclone currently operates two online portals – a standard porta that lists only those devices with specifications that meet the education institute’s minimum recommendations, and a new COVID-19 essential items portal.

The essential items portal includes Microsoft, Apple, and Chromebook devices, as well as peripherals such as cables, chargers, mice and keyboards, audio products, cases, and others.

The company has also set up a live chat system to help support those who are purchasing items.

“Buying through Cyclone allows parents to take advantage of their personalised educational bundles. Cyclone’s purchasing portal is available exclusively online. This allows families to buy in their time and not be confused with other promotional or potentially lesser appropriate options.”

The company adds that people that purchase through Cyclone can be assured that the devices they are buying are the right devices for the school, and that the devices will maximise learning.

“Personal devices enable two-way communication and collaboration between teachers and students and extend learning beyond the classroom.”

Furthermore, the company provides ‘special education pricing’ in partnership with device vendors.

Cyclone’s checkout process includes a simple cart and a variety of payment options, including credit cards and direct deposit.

Cyclone lists devices with a three-year warranty as part of their device bundles, as well as insurance options with low excess.

The company says that the online portal is also designed to show only items that are in stock, or items that will be in stock within the next week. However, some items may not be available immediately due to global stock constraints.

Cyclone was set up in 1993 as a PC assembler. Over time, the company evolved to become a reseller of technology primarily for the corporate, education, and government sectors. 

The company was named as HP Education Partner of the Year for five consecutive years from 2015-2019.

Cyclone is a registered provider with Work & Income. 

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