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Govt encourages stay at home workers

07 Sep 2012

The government plans to raise awareness of the benefits of businesses having staff work from home through its inaugural Telework Week event.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams says the event, running 12-16 November, will promote employees using ICT to work away from their traditional place of employment, while monitoring the savings and productivity gains made in doing so.

“The aim is for businesses to learn more about telework and consider how it might benefit them and their employees," Adams says.

"It is timely for businesses to think about telework and the options an ultra-fast broadband workplace provides.

“After the week’s end, businesses should have a better understanding of the technological and workplace practices required to make teleworking a success.

“This will also provide a good opportunity to demonstrate other benefits of telework, for example the environmental benefits of reduced fuel consumption and road congestion, and disaster recovery preparedness.”

For more information on the Cisco led initiative click here

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