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Kiwi food delivery service pledges to deliver as level 4 lockdown exit looms

24 Apr 2020

As New Zealand prepares to exit alert level 4, many around the country are chomping at the bit to get a morsel of the favourite takeaways.

The nationwide lockdown has not been kind to the takeaway food industry, but even before COVID-19 some businesses within the sector could not afford to do business on food delivery services like Uber Eats, which charges its clients a large service fee.

Wellington digital and online ordering system Mobi2Go says it is helping to get New Zealand hospitality businesses up and running in alert level 3 with easy and affordable options for contactless orders, payment and delivery.

While some food delivery services charge up to 35% for their services, Mobi2Go starts at $39 per month plus 3% of sales.

It says it is ‘part of the solution’ for local cafes, restaurants, takeaways and other hospitality businesses who are scrambling to get back on their feet as COVID-19 alert level 3 comes into play next Tuesday.

“While some international companies have come under fire from the hospitality sector recently for high fees and inflexibility in the current climate when many small businesses are struggling, Mobi2Go believes in the importance of channelling as much revenue back into the local economy as possible,” says Mobi2Go CEO Tarik Mallett.

“Our aim is to see the hospitality industry in New Zealand bounce back and thrive in the wake of COVID-19.

“We are pleased to be able to offer a solution that allows clients to retain control of their customer data, and engage with their customers via their own website and brand to retain the customer experience, and that is a fraction of the cost of international solutions.

“The business, which offers all-in-one ordering solutions for contactless delivery and pickup, is able to get its customers onboarded, set-up and operating rapidly, in some cases in a matter of hours, with a system that’s as easy as opening the fridge,” says Mallett.

This means some businesses that may have previously thought they wouldn’t be able to open may be able to do so by using Mobi2Go.

COVID-19 has changed the game for many hospitality businesses, and several Kiwi restaurants who would never have entertained the thought of offering takeaways on food delivery apps have now changed their tune.

Dana Hanson, co-owner of The Styx Restaurant in Nelson, said she saw the direction restaurants were moving around the world and wanted to be ready to go when given the chance to operate. 

The Styx Restaurant is now offering a “Styx At Home” menu, powered by Mobi2Go, to customers craving their famous seafood chowder and other local favourites. 

“We have been forced to shift the focus of our business from a full-service restaurant to takeaways in a matter of days,” says Hanson.

“Mobi2Go offered an affordable solution that will grow with our business. They have delivered practical solutions along the way so that our customers will have a seamless experience when they try our system for the first time on Tuesday.”

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