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Samepage challenges Evernote at its own game

Samepage, the online collaboration tool for consumers and businesses, launched earlier this month as ‘the world’s first contextual engagement platform’ and has already announced new features.

The tool can be used to easily organise ideas and communicate with other users. Consumers and businesses can share files and create content, import files and incorporate content from other services such as Google Maps. The application features real-time collaboration for personal and professional products.

Samepage says its ability to contextualise all content featured on a page is a key differentiating factor from other collaboration solutions such as Evernote.

Recently, Samepage has added advanced features, modern design and ‘given the growing importance of mobile’ two new apps for iOS and Android available on a global basis.

This enables users to view pages on the go as well as create new pages, edit content and add images on their smartphones or tablets.

Samepage now enables inclusion of content from cloud based services such as Google Apps, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Box, and allows users to share their page via social media sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scott Schreiman, Samepage and Kerio Technologies chief executive officer, says, “Our vision at Samepage is to create an online place where people can easily share ideas, content and context.

“We've based the development of Samepage on three fundamental principles, first the need to bring together files with conversation to preserve context and help people get more done.

“Second, the need to support a 'post-file' world via integration with top cloud services and finally, ease of use to bring these benefits to consumers as well as businesses."

Des Cahill, Samepage CMO, says, "We're very gratified by the global market reaction to the new features we've added to Samepage recently."

“We announced these new capabilities to a global audience of technology entrepreneurs at the Startup Grind 2015 conference held in Redwood City, CA a few weeks ago. The immediate reaction from the entrepreneurs, representing 65 countries and 150 cities, was tremendous," he says.

“Samepage's unique ability to easily create online pages and share them with co-workers, partners, social networks or the entire Internet enable businesses to work more effectively both internally and externally with partners, customers, vendors and consultants.

"Everyone can agree that we all receive too much email in our inboxes and Samepage radically reduces email clutter while keeping teams on task," Cahill says.

“Samepage has been a globally oriented company from day one, our parent company Kerio Technologies was founded in the Czech Republic and has 60,000 customers throughout North American, Europe and Asia Pacific with offices in San Jose, CA, Cambridge, UK, Plzen, CZ, Sao Paulo, BZ and Sydney, AU.

“Samepage reflects that heritage through it's native support of 10 languages and our global customer base which includes a number of users in New Zealand who are using our free offering to create and share online pages,” he says.

Samepage is available as a free version and a paid service for businesses.