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Vadacom kicks off in the cloud

New Zealand-based communication technology company Vadacom has launched its VadaXchange system for businesses and telephony service providers as a SaaS-based offering, providing all the same solutions but without the need for on-premise appliances.

The cloud service allows users to fully manage their business call flow, as well as access a full contact centre offering, including ACD agents, calling queues and reports, as well as call recordings and quality control.

As a business solution, the system is agnostic for ISPs and phone lines, and can be deployed in an approved Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment.

As for the end-to-end service provider solution, state-owned telco Orcon will be the first to roll out the system, and Vadacom is in discussions with others.

Igor Portugal, chief executive of Vadacom, says users aren’t restricted at all by the fact the system is in the cloud.

"What never ceases to amaze me is that you have the whole phone system in a virtual world somewhere,” Portugal says.

"You don’t have to own or manage anything other than the physical phone on your desk, if you choose to own one.”

The release follows a year in which Vadacom doubled its software development efforts, Portugal adds.

"We are committed to develop this amazing technology... in my opinion we are developing the best phone system available on the market.”

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