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Women in Media and The Trade Desk announce collaborative partnership

Women in Media (WiM) has announced it has partnered with The Trade Desk, a global advertising technology company, with the aim of delivering a shared programme of activity in 2020.

WiM provides mentoring, networking and professional development for women working in media.

According to the organisation, this work helps women working across different areas of media, including journalism, technology, marketing and communications, to have sustainable and fulfilling careers as well as the opportunity to progress and lead.

WiM national co-chairs Kathy McLeish and Cath Webber say they are thrilled that The Trade Desk, which has a long-term commitment to women in media, has joined as a partner.

In a statement they said, “We are really excited to be partnering with The Trade Desk. This partnership will help Women in Media in their work celebrating good journalism, empowering women and help drive broader understanding of the impact of technology on the media industry.

“Our partners allow us to deliver more programs, to more women across Australia, helping to extend our reach beyond cities, to our regional centres and beyond.”

The Trade Desk chief marketing officer Susan Vobejda says it was a natural fit for the rapidly-expanding company. “Women in Media has been a leading voice fighting for a dynamic, creative media industry in Australia,” she says.

“The Trade Desk shares the goal of a media ecosystem that supports broad diversity of media, voices and content on the open internet.

“We look forward to working with Women in Media in taking forward projects and initiatives that support journalism and content creation across Australia,” says Vobejda.

The Trade Desk joins foundation partner Bond University as a national partner of Women in Media, a not-for-profit group of working women who aim to effect change in the industry.

They celebrated the announcement at the annual Queensland Christmas drinks at The Bromley Room in Brisbane. Women in Media are also celebrating other successes of the year, including having opened committees in the Northern Territory and Tasmania, extending the organisation’s national footprint.

“We have had a big year and look forward to a hugely successful year in 2020,” said the co-chairs.

Women in Media, which is represented by committees in all states and territories across Australia, was founded in 2005 in Western Australia. Through its network of volunteers, Women in Media provides mentoring, networking and professional development for women working in media.

The Trade Desk, founded in 2009, is a technology company that’s targeted towards buyers of advertising. The Trade Desk’s mission is to apply advanced technology to help fuel the diversity of media, voices and content on the open internet, including journalism, web experiences and television.

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